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Posted On July 23, 2020

Nevada Nursing Homes and Coronavirus Liability

Rocky (news reporter): As we continue to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, let’s discuss the liabilities and immunities of Nevada nursing homes with Chris Burk of The Patriot Law Firm. Welcome back Chris!

Chris Burk:
Thank you Rocky, it’s great to be back.

Of course, now anything new going on at the firm?

Well we do have a new slogan for the law firm now. It’s “Hurt By a Jerk, Better Call Burk!”.

I like that, and you’re always giving us really great tips and advice so let’s talk about, as we’ve previously discussed, negligence and nursing homes. And of course with the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re hearing in the news of people possibly dying of the illness in the nursing homes, so what’s happening?

Well, there’s some shocking numbers that are coming out. We now know that there’s at least 28,000 residents of nursing homes and employees that have died due to the coronavirus. In addition, now it seems that there’s over 150,000 exposures to the coronavirus in these nursing homes all across the country.

Wow that is so sad and scary, um, are the nursing homes actually liable and responsible for this though?

Well they can be, um, and we’re going to talk about Nevada in a second, but there are six states out there that the governors have issued executive orders, which limits the liability for these nursing homes, um and even but even in those cases, there’s not absolute immunity.

Now what does that mean, “absolute immunity”?

So absolute immunity would be if there’s no way, no shape or way or form that anybody can bring a claim against one of these nursing homes. Uh, that’s not the case though because in a lot of these cases, if these places were, for example, understaffed right or they were doing ahead policies and procedures of things were very negligent, people were getting hurt regardless, or exposing their residents to the coronavirus unnecessarily, they wouldn’t have immunity there.

Okay, well thank you so much Chris, of The Patriot Law Firm. Don’t forget, Hurt By a Jerk, Better Call Burk! And that is 702-620-2020 or you can head to their website at Again that phone number is 702-620-2020. Thank you again Chris.


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