Nursing Home Negligence in Las Vegas (Video)

Chris D. Burk on news
Jan 26, 2022 Rocky:It’s not easy to leave an elderly relative at a nursing home. Especially because we often see seniors not being properly cared for at these facilities. Christopher Burke of the Patriot Law Firm is here to discuss nursing home...

What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

What to do after a slip & fall
Jan 22, 2022
In the first ten minutes of a slip and fall, a victim should try to catch a breath and execute his or her plan of action. If the injuries are serious and emergency medical responders tell the victim to see...

Why You May Need a Whiplash Car Accident Lawyer (Video)

Whiplash Car Accident Lawyer
Nov 19, 2021
Analyzing the symptoms is the easiest way to identify a whiplash injury after a car crash. The main whiplash symptoms include neck pains, headaches, shoulder pains, and stiff necks. A stinging sensation in the arms, back, neck, or shoulders and...

What to Do After a Death in a Nursing Home (Video)

person performing autopsy
Mar 24, 2021
Are you wondering what to do after the death of your loved one in a nursing home? This may be the article for you. Although an autopsy is not legally required in a suspicious nursing home death, it may help...

Who is Liable When You Are Bitten By Someone’s Dog? (Video)

dog growling fiercely
Mar 16, 2021
Christopher Burk of the Patriot Law Firm in Las Vegas is making a name for himself as a successful personal injury litigator in Nevada. He has been getting referred by other lawyers in the area to litigate personal injury cases...
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