Who is Liable When You Are Bitten By Someone’s Dog? (Video)

Christopher Burk of the Burk Injury Lawyers in Las Vegas is making a name for himself as a successful personal injury litigator in Nevada. He has been getting referred by other lawyers in the area to litigate personal injury cases like car crashes, slip and falls, nursing home negligence and even dog bites.

In this video, Chris talks about how prevalent dog bites have become in the area. There are a lot of dog owners in Las Vegas and unfortunately, not all owners are good about keeping their dog on a leash. Unleashed dogs can attack another dog or even a person. In many cases, the owner of the offending dog is held liable. Chris also spends some time discussing how dog bites can be prevented in the first place.

If you need legal help after a dog attack call theBurk Injury Lawyers at 702-620-2020 for a free consultation.

Chris Burk
Chris Burk

Christopher D. Burk has been protecting the rights of injured victims in Nevada, Arizona, California, and Hawaii since 2004. He believes that when a person is injured because another person or company was careless, the negligent parties should be held accountable for the damages they’ve caused.

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