What Is the Attractive Nuisance Doctrine in Nevada?

table with words what is attractive nuisance doctrine printed on it
Apr 20, 2023
The Nevada attractive nuisance doctrine is a legal concept that holds property owners responsible for injuries suffered by children who are lured onto their property by an “attractive nuisance.” An attractive nuisance is something on the property that is likely...

When Can You Sue for Premises Liability in Nevada?

Premises Liability write on a paperwork isolated on Wooden Table.
Nov 29, 2022
If you suffered injuries on someone else's property, and a property owner or operator was negligent, you can sue for premises liability. Property owners and others have a legal duty to maintain reasonably safe conditions in areas where they allow...

How Is Pain and Suffering Calculated in a Slip and Fall Lawsuit?

how is pain and suffering calculated in a slip and fall lawsuit
Aug 31, 2022
If you suffered injuries in a slip and fall accident in Las Vegas, you may be entitled to compensation for non-economic damages, like pain and suffering, in addition to economic damages. Determining the value of your non-economic damages is not...

What Is the Statute of Limitations on Premises Liability?

the statute of limitations on premises liability
Jun 24, 2022
You generally have two years to sue for damages if you suffered injuries on another person’s property in Nevada. If you only suffered property damage in the premises liability incident, you have three years to file a premises liability lawsuit....

What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

What to do after a slip & fall
Jan 22, 2022
In the first ten minutes of a slip and fall, a victim should try to catch a breath and execute his or her plan of action. If the injuries are serious and emergency medical responders tell the victim to see...

What I Should Do After a Slip & Fall Incident? (Video)

What’s the First Thing I Should I Do After a Slip & Fall Incident?
Nov 24, 2020
In this video, Las Vegas attorney Christopher Burk of the Patriot Law Firm answers the question: What should I do after a slip and fall accident? If you need legal help with this issue call the Patriot Law Firm at...
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