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Our Story

It all started when Christopher Burk envisioned a different type of law firm-one that represents the needs of the people. You can call it a “Jerry Maguire” moment. Mr. Burk wanted to focus on the needs of his clients rather than numbers and advertising. A Firm that embraced the little guy in society. This firm would prioritize compassion, consideration and respect for individual clients and their loved ones over the giant insurance companies and massive corporations.

  • Now, that idea has finally become a reality. Mr. Burk’s first settlement was a six-figure for his new firm settlement was on a case where the Plaintiffs were told by the insurance companies they were at fault for a crash. Nothing could be further from the truth!! Mr. Burk fought for this family and tore down the walls of the insurance carrier’s deceptive tactics and lies. Our firm continues to focus on the strength of our commitment to our clients every single day.
  • Our commitment to our clients has produced a culture of excellence, accountability, and transparency. You are a priority in this law firm. Your case is cared about and appreciated.
  • We seek to make our community safer by seeking accountability for wrongdoers. End of story.
  • Give us a chance to earn your trust and your future business. We promise to treat your case as if it were our own.

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Burk Injury Lawyers is ready to level the playing field between the little guy and faceless insurance companies, and we will go the extra mile to provide our clients with a favorable resolution.