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Las Vegas personal injury lawyer Christopher D. Burk has been protecting the rights of injured victims in Nevada, Arizona, California, and Hawaii since 2004. He believes that when a person is injured because another person or company was careless, the negligent parties should be held accountable for the damages they’ve caused. 

Unfortunately, more often than not this isn’t the case. Powerful businesses, big-name insurance companies, and other influential parties frequently help negligent entities escape liability for their actions, leaving the financial burdens to be shouldered by the little guy. But innocent victims should never be left to pay.

It’s time to level the playing field between faceless insurance companies and the little guy.

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Winning Personal Injury Cases for Victims in Nevada, Arizona, California, and Hawaii

Injury lawyer Christopher Burk, the founder of Burk Injury Lawyers, helps hold wrongdoers in Las Vegas, Nevada, Kingman, Arizona, and portions of California and Hawaii accountable when their negligent actions cause harm to a pedestrian or motorist, nursing home resident, or a guest on their property.

Chris understands that winning a personal injury claim is about more than financial recovery. While his number one goal is to obtain maximum compensation for his clients so they can get back on track with their lives, he knows that successful injury claims and lawsuits deter future negligence or carelessness from wrongdoers, making our communities safer.

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Fighting for the Little Guy:

Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer on Your Side

Insurance companies are not on your side. Although their representatives frequently present themselves as having concern for your welfare, they are in business for one objective. That is to minimize payouts on injury claims. To achieve their goals, insurance companies often use deceitful tactics like:

Intimidating accident victims with complicated insurance policy language and legal terms

Coercing claimants to accept low settlement offers

Redirecting fault in car accidents, slips and falls, and other types of personal injury claims

Using social media, photographs, and recorded statements to reduce the victim’s credibility

Highlighting pre-existing medical conditions, criminal histories, and previous accident claims

It’s time to make negligent parties pay. Before you agree to a personal injury settlement, talk with accident attorney Christopher Burk about your accident case. Familiar with the unscrupulous, and even unethical tactics insurers use, Chris is not afraid to stand up to insurance companies to ensure you recover compensation for your losses.

Preventable Injuries: A Leading Cause of Death

Preventable injuries are the third leading cause of death in the United States. The National Safety Council reports that someone in America is unintentionally injured approximately every second. Every three minutes, a victim is killed. Negligence, recklessness, and deliberate behaviors cause about 442 preventable deaths every day.

Three types of incidents account for more than 83% of all preventable deaths in the United States. They are:

3 minutes
a Victim is
Deaths Every
Slips and falls accidents:

Slips, trips, and falls account for 23% of fatal accident injuries and 32% of preventable non-fatal injuries

Motor vehicle accidents:

Approximately 22% of preventable deaths are caused by motor vehicle accidents. Crashes are responsible for 8% of non-fatal Preventable Injuries: A Leading Cause of Death.


Unintentional poisoning causes 38% of preventable deaths and about 7% of non-fatal injuries.

None of these injuries and deaths should ever have to happen. Sadly, individuals and companies throughout the United States put others in danger every day when they act negligently.

Busy schedules, profits before people, impatience, distractions, and outright negligence so often leave injured victims in their wake. In many cases, accident victims are left to shoulder the financial, physical, and emotional damage, and the responsible parties simply walk away.

Personal Injury Cases We Handle

Burk Injury Lawyers handles cases involving:

Small Firm Service. Large Firm Results

When you hire Burk Injury Lawyers to handle your injury claim, we promise to treat your case as if it were our own. We recognize the impact severe injuries can have on our clients’ lives and we respond with urgency and compassion. Our clients are our priority and as such, our injury law firm takes the time to:

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Veteran, Nurse, or Teacher?

Who can Be Held Liable for Severe Injuries in Las Vegas?

The nature of your accident, where it occurred, and Nevada comparative negligence laws determine who can be held liable for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Victims who were injured in car accidents may be able to file injury claims or lawsuits against the other driver’s insurance, a rideshare company’s policy, or their own uninsured motorist coverage. If defective vehicle parts contributed to the crash, the manufacturer may be liable as well.

If a nursing home neglected to provide proper care to your loved one and he or she suffered injuries as a result, the direct care providers, physicians, and long-term care facility may be liable for damages.

Victims who were injured in slip and falls, assaults, or animal attacks may be able to sue the property owner or manager, a cleaning or maintenance company, or the owner of the vicious animal.

If you were partially at fault for the incident that caused you to be injured, Nevada’s comparative negligence laws come into play. While you can still sue the other party as long as you were less than 51% at fault, your compensation award will likely be reduced by your portion of fault.

How Much Is Your Accident
Case Worth?

We use a variety of factors to calculate your economic and non-economic damages so we can provide you with an accurate estimate of how much your personal injury claim is worth. These include, but are not limited to:

Your medical bills (including the cost of hospital stays, surgeries, visits with primary care physicians and specialists, X-rays, medications, and other necessary treatments)

Your future healthcare needs (in-home nursing care, medical equipment, follow-up care, anticipated surgeries)

Your lost wages (earned income you lost, including overtime, while you were unable to work because of your injuries)

Your lost earning capacity (economic losses due to impairments caused by your injuries)

Pain and suffering (injuries that cause victims to endure extensive amounts of pain or mental distress, go through repeated surgeries, or cope with permanent disabilities)

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Frequently Asked Questions About Las Vegas Injury Claims

In personal injury cases, the main difference between settlements and verdicts is who decides the outcome of the claim/lawsuit. While settlements are voluntary agreements that are established outside of court between the plaintiff and the defendant (or the insurance company), verdicts are determined by judges and juries after the case is presented to the court.

More than 95% of personal injury cases are settled at one of the pre-trial phases and never make it to trial.

Punitive damages are designed to punish wrongdoers when their egregious actions cause harm to someone else. They are sometimes awarded in addition to compensatory damages and often used to deter similar misconduct in the future.

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No Upfront Fees for Personal Injury Claims

Accident lawyer Christopher Burk handles all personal injury cases on a contingency basis. To ensure injured victims have access to one of the best accident lawyers in Las Vegas regardless of their ability to pay, Burk Injury Lawyers provides legal representation with upfront cost to you. Our injury law firm only gets paid when we win your case.