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Posted On December 27, 2021

How to Prove You Are Not at Fault in a Car Accident

A person can prove that he or she isn’t at fault in a car accident by taking pictures of the accident scene and obtaining a copy of the police report. The person can also obtain videos of the accident scene, record witness statements, and involve an attorney.

Ways a Person Can Prove that He or She Isn’t at Fault in a Car Accident

Taking Time-Stamped Pictures

The accident victim should take time-stamped photos of the accident scene. If the victim can’t take the pictures due to injuries, he or she can ask for help from anyone at the scene. The pictures should capture the accident scene from all directions. They should also include all traffic signs and skid marks on the road.

Obtaining Videos of the Accident Scene

Videos showing what took place and who was to blame may be available. They include dashcam videos, videos captured by traffic cameras or nearby business premises’ cameras, and videos taken by witnesses.

Getting a Copy of the Police Report

A police report may play a crucial role in absolving an accident victim of any liability in a car crash. The victim can obtain the report from the law enforcement officer or adjuster handling his or her claim.

Obtaining Witness Statements

If there are witnesses at the car accident scene, the victim should strive to obtain their contact details and their written statement. Neutral witness statements are powerful pieces of evidence in injury claims or lawsuits.

Working with An Attorney

A motor vehicle attorney who is knowledgeable about Nevada motor vehicle accident laws can help an accident victim prove that he or she isn’t liable in a car accident. The attorney can review video and photographic evidence, police report, witness statements, and medical report to determine fault. The attorney may involve accident reconstructionists if necessary.

The attorney will use the compiled evidence to build a strong claim that will force the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier to offer the injured victim fair compensation. If the at-fault driver’s insurance policy is inadequate, the injured victim’s underinsured motorist coverage may then have to cover the rest of the costs.

Underinsured motorist coverage is a relatively cheap add-on to a typical car insurance policy. This coverage can prove helpful in the event of an accident in which the liable driver lacks sufficient insurance to pay for all the damages.

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