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Posted On March 15, 2021

Who to Call After a Car Accident – Legal Ease Video

Nevada personal injury attorney, Christopher Burk of the Patriot Law Firm talks about how his firm takes cases for people from other states who have been hurt in Las Vegas. It doesn’t matter if you are from another state or even another country. Chris has had clients as far away as England.

The Patriot Law firm also handles cases in California, Arizona and Hawaii. Many of the cases Chris sees are accidents that happen as people drive to or from Las Vegas. Oftentimes, the accident is the result of people not paying attention during times of heavy traffic on the highway. Rear-end collisions and pileups are not uncommon on the stretches of highway between Las Vegas and California or Arizona.

If you were injured in a car accident in Nevada, California, or Arizona, the Patriot Law firm is here to help you. Give them a call at 702-620-2020.

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