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POSTED ON September 27, 2021
Why Most Nevada Car Crashes Happen in Clark County
Most Nevada car accidents occur in Clark County due to drunk driving, speeding, distracted driving, drug-impaired drivin ...
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POSTED ON September 20, 2021
Distracted on the Strip: When Cars Collide
Car collisions caused by distracted driving are rampant on the Strip and in Las Vegas. Law enforcement officers in Las ...
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POSTED ON September 13, 2021
How Inclement Weather Can Impact Your Kingman Car Accident Claim
Harsh weather conditions, such as excessive rain and snow, can cause an accident even to the most careful driver and ...
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POSTED ON September 06, 2021
Minimizing Accident Injuries: Should Your Kids Take the Back Seat?
New data shows that the back seat is no longer the safe position to ride in a car. A 2019 ...
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POSTED ON August 27, 2021
What Can Go Wrong with Airbags?
Airbags are incorporated into car designs to enhance occupants’ safety, but sometimes they fail to deploy, have delaye ...
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POSTED ON August 20, 2021
Mohave County, Arizona: Home to the Most Dangerous Highway in the Country
US 93, a well-known roadway that stretches from Phoenix, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada, is ranked as the deadliest highwa ...
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POSTED ON August 13, 2021
Injured in a Hit and Run? Here’s Who to Sue
A person injured in a hit-and-run accident in Nevada can recover damages by suing the fleeing driver if he or ...
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POSTED ON August 06, 2021
Types of Damages Available In a Nevada Car Crash
Car crash victims in Nevada can recover economic, non-economic, and possibly even punitive damages by taking legal actio ...
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POSTED ON July 29, 2021
Injured in a Tour Bus Crash?
If a tourist suffers injuries in a tour bus crash, he or she may hold the tour bus company liable ...
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POSTED ON July 22, 2021
What to Do in the First 10 Minutes After a Fall
In the first ten minutes of a slip and fall, a victim should try to catch a breath and execute ...
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