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M. De Los Santos

Chris was able to handle my case with ease. His office is set up so you can scan and email him your information. He took his time and he actually cared about my case! He gave me his personal cell phone and email. He was able to resolve the case quickly and efficiently. Chris and his staff are so easy to work with!

Joseph Almasy

Chris’s passion for his clients and is beyond reproach. My needs were met from start to finish. If I could use one word to describe the experience ‘turnkey’ would best fit. After my accident and subsequent injuries I didn’t know how to approach insurance carriers to discuss my situation. Chris worked with me every step of the way in getting me the appropriate care needed for my injuries, damages and communicated regularly on all aspects of my case.

Joel Wurster, Las Vegas, Nevada

Mr. Burk handled my case with great professionalism and care. With his expertise he was able to save me medical expenses for unnecessary procedures as well as refer me to a great chiropractor. Knowledge and experience can be expected from Chris.

Daniel Amico

Mr. Burk did an amazing job when it came to my injury case. He even gave me his cell phone number. What other attorney does that? He followed up on a weekly basis, from Dr visits, to just checking on my well-being. I would highly recommend Mr. Burk to family, friends, & colleagues. Thank you again for all your help.