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Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury lawyer Christopher D. Burk, founder of Burk Injury Lawyers in Las Vegas, helps injured victims recover emotionally, physically, and financially when wrongdoers cause them harm. Fighting for the little guy since 2004, Chris has built a reputation for battling large corporations and faceless insurance companies to achieve successful outcomes in accident cases.

If someone else’s negligence, recklessness, or intentional actions caused you or your loved one to be hurt or killed, call personal injury lawyer Chris Burk for a FREE consultation.

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Why Hire Burk Injury Lawyers for Your Personal Injury Case?

Burk Injury Lawyers is a full-service injury law firm that focuses solely on protecting the rights of injured victims. Unlike some larger firms that employ teams of attorneys and paralegals that handle multiple types of legal issues, Christopher Burk only represents injured victims and the families of people who wrongfully lost their lives. His compassion, skill, and dedication to advocating for the little guy are just part of what makes him one of the best personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas. 

When you hire accident attorney Chris Burk to handle your case, he will:
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  • Make sure all responsible parties are held accountable: Chris will investigate the facts of your case, reviewing photos and videos of the scene and interviewing witnesses to ensure all factors that could have contributed to your injury are identified.
  • Put your best interests ahead of his profit. Unlike settlement mills that convince hundreds and even thousands of injury victims each year to settle their cases for meager amounts, Chris won’t ask you to accept less than he thinks your claim is worth.
  • Protect your rights as an injured victim. Chris will make sure you don’t fall victim to intimidation, manipulation, or unfair and unethical acts. He will negotiate with insurance companies and corporations on your behalf to ensure recovery is maximized.
  • Bring your case before the Court. If a satisfactory settlement cannot be reached, Chris is not afraid to stand up to insurance bullies in court to make sure you are appropriately compensated and the at-fault parties are held accountable for the harm they have caused.

Have Severe Injuries Left You Drowning in Debt?

Besides the physical pain and mental stress that accidents cause, serious personal injuries can leave you drowning in a sea of debt. Each follow-up treatment, surgery, or missed day from work is like another anchor pulling you under. While insurance companies and their representatives will try to convince you that they have your best interests in mind, their small settlement offers are like tiny life-preservers that are nowhere near what you need to carry the weight of your medical bills, lost wages, mental anguish, and lifestyle adjustments. If you fall victim to the insurance company’s unscrupulous ways, you could find yourself struggling to stay afloat financially for the rest of your life.

Personal injury attorney Chris Burk understands the financial burdens injury victims like you are left to face. When you hire Burk Injury Lawyers to handle your accident case, we will make sure negligent parties pay for the damages they’ve caused. You could receive:

  • Compensation for all of your injury-related medical expenses. This includes hospital stays, emergency room care, doctor and specialist visits, surgeries, physical therapy, medications, and mileage pay from travel to and from treatments.
  • Lost wages and benefits if you are unable to work. If your accident injuries caused you to be unable to work, you can recover compensation for your lost wages. If you will be unable to return to your pre-accident line of work after your injuries have healed, you will also be entitled to compensation to pay for the wages you would have earned had you not been hurt.
  • Pain and suffering damages. If your injuries caused you to endure severe pain, mental stress, multiple treatments or surgeries, or loss of enjoyment of life, you can be compensated for those burdens as well.
  • Compensation for future medical bills. The at-fault party can also be held liable for the cost of your future medical treatments and surgeries, in-home nursing care, and medically necessary changes to your home or vehicle.

If the at-fault party’s actions are determined to have been grossly negligent, intentional, egregious, or habitual, you may also receive punitive damages. Unlike compensatory damages, which are designed to make injured victims whole, punitive damages are intended to punish the wrongdoer and prevent similar actions in the future.

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Types of Personal Injury Claims Our Law Firm Handles

At Burk Injury Lawyers, Las Vegas personal injury attorney Christopher Burk represents victims in a wide range of claim types. These include, but are not limited to:.

For more than 15 years, injury lawyer Chris Burk has helped victims with all types of severe personal injuries. He has achieved successful outcomes in cases involving:

  • Head injuries
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Lacerations
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Permanent disabilities
  • Amputations

Understanding the Elements of a Personal Injury Claim

When another party’s negligence or recklessness causes a person to be injured, a personal injury claim may arise. For a personal injury claim or lawsuit to be successful, the following elements must exist.

  • Duty of Care: To win a personal injury claim, the plaintiff’s accident lawyer must be able to prove that the defendant had a legal obligation to the victim to exercise reasonable care. Demonstrating that the other party owed a duty to you may be as simple as showing an at-fault motorist has a duty to drive safely or that a grocery store owner was legally obligated to provide a reasonably safe environment for customers.
  • Breach of Duty: Next, it must be shown that the actor breached the duty to act with reasonable care. Examples include texting and driving, failing to correct hazards on a property or clean up a spill, or failing to warn the victim of injury risk.
  • Causation: Even if the defendant acted negligently and you were severely injured, your case will be unsuccessful unless it can be shown that the defendant’s negligent actions contributed to the incident that caused you to get hurt.
  • Damages: For your personal injury claim to be valid, you as the victim must have suffered actual physical, emotional, or financial injuries because of the defendant’s negligence or recklessness.
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FAQs About Personal Injury Claims in Las Vegas

Questions about your Las Vegas personal injury case? Accident lawyer Christopher Burk has the answers. Below are some of the most common questions our clients ask.

Injured victims in Las Vegas have just 2 years from the date of the incident to file an injury lawsuit in most cases. There are exceptions, however. A Las Vegas injury lawyer can evaluate your case to determine the time limits that may apply to you. If you fail to take legal action before the time limit expires, you will likely be barred from obtaining financial recovery for your losses.

Most injury lawyers in Las Vegas accept cases on a contingency fee basis. If your case is unsuccessful, you won’t be responsible for paying attorney fees. If you accept a settlement offer or your attorney achieves a favorable jury verdict in court, he or she will be paid a percentage of your injury award. The percentage charged by personal injury attorneys in Nevada varies, and some lawyers offer reduced fees for military members, veterans, teachers, and people in other groups or occupations.

Injured victims in Nevada can still recover compensation for their injuries as long as they are not determined to have been more than 51% at fault for the incident that caused them to be hurt. In most cases, their injury award will be reduced by their percentage of fault. If you were 40% at fault for a car accident in Las Vegas, for example, you would receive 60% of the value of your claim.