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Posted On September 14, 2020

Trust Chris Burk for Your Personal Injury Case

In this new 30-second radio commercial Christopher Burk of the Patriot Law Firm talks about how important trust is in the relationship between attorney and client. 

Chris likes to remember something his mother used to say when he was a young lawyer. She told him that for the client to have trust in their lawyer they have to know that the lawyer cares about them and their case. 

For Christopher, that’s not hard to do since he has always had genuine compassion for people. That compassion compels him to work hard to see that justice is done and ensures that clients of the Patriot Law Firm always receive the maximum compensation for their injuries.

Commercial Transcript:

This is attorney Christopher Burk of the Patriot Law Firm.

My mother once gave me the best advice. People will trust you with their injury case if they know you truly care about their case. 

She’s right, for over 16 years in Nevada I’ve been caring and fighting for the little guy to achieve justice and receive maximum compensation for my client’s injuries.

Been in a crash? Injured in a nursing home? Perhaps a business? More to the point, have you been hurt by a jerk? You better call Burk! 702-620-2020 or go to my website at

More from Christopher Burk of the Patriot Law Firm:

In a nutshell, I am an attorney whose passion is protecting the “little guy” in society. Our office is not afraid of taking on the multi-billion dollar insurance companies or the powerful and influential casinos which often try to avoid liability by “sticking it” to the little guy. We have had proven success against these large corporations.

No matter what the injury, you will be a priority in our practice.

Christopher Burk

The Patriot Law Firm


The Patriot Law Firm is ready to level the playing field between the little guy and faceless insurance companies, and we will go the extra mile to provide our clients with a favorable resolution.

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