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Posted On January 08, 2021

Recovering Compensation After a Sexual Assault

Victims of sexual assault have a right to hold their attackers liable for damages resulting from the incident. Following a sexual assault, a victim may be faced with extensive recovery. This can entail treatments for mental and physical ailments from the attack. Victims can pursue compensation for damages such as the cost of therapy for damage to their mental health, costs for medical treatment if injuries are sustained, recovery for lost wages due to time missed from work, pain and suffering, and costs for relocation if a victim’s home feels unsafe. 

In America, a victim is sexually assaulted every 73 seconds. Unfortunately, a majority of sexual assault cases go unreported. By reporting an assault, victims can protect themselves or others from further assault, prevent an offender from re-offending, and recover compensation for damages from the attacker. 

Impact of Sexual Assault on a Victim’s Life

Sexual assault can leave deep emotional, physical, and psychological scars on a victim. The impact of these injuries can be temporary or long-term. These injuries can result in a need for mental healthcare, medical treatment, and time off of work to recover. Following an assault, a victim may be in a vulnerable position, and the financial strain of treatment costs and lost wages can place additional stress on victims. Filing a civil suit with a personal injury attorney can help victims hold attackers liable for these costs.

Physical Effects

Physical injuries a victim may sustain after an attack are bruising, fractures, broken bones, lacerations, genital-anal injuries, and head injuries. These injuries typically result from additional violence toward the victim during the attack. Additionally, a survivor may become pregnant or acquire sexually transmitted diseases from the assault.

Psychological Effects

Victims of sexual assault frequently experience depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and eating disorders. Flashbacks, self-harm, substance abuse disorders, dissociation, panic attacks, and sleep disorders are additional psychological conditions from which a victim may suffer. In the worst cases, a victim may be driven to commit suicide from symptoms of assault. 

Additional Impact

The emotional fallout of sexual assault extends beyond the personal experience and into interpersonal relationships. Survivors may experience difficulty with intimacy in relationships, building emotional connections, and comfort in social situations. In extreme attacks, a survivor may need to miss extensive work time. If a victim’s attack occurred in the home, he or she may need to relocate to avoid unsafe conditions or PTSD triggers.

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