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Posted On December 10, 2020

Peloton Pedal Recall: Here’s What You Need to Know

Peloton is voluntarily recalling approximately 27,000 of the manufacturer’s clip-on bike pedals after the company received multiple reports of injuries caused by broken axels. Product manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure that the products they sell are safe. When they fail in that duty, they could be liable for the injuries that result.

Peloton’s Voluntary Recall

With the COVID-19 pandemic, home exercise equipment giant Peloton’s sales have boomed with a 66% increase in quarterly sales as more people exercise at home. The company recently issued a voluntary recall for its clip-in bike pedals for popular indoor bikes because of an injury risk.

The recall applies to 27,000 of the pedals that were issued on bikes sold between July 2013 and May 2016. Peloton has received approximately 120 reports of the PR70P pedals’ axles breaking. There have been 16 reports of injury. Five of these injuries required medical care for lacerations to the lower leg that needed stitches.

Peloton has been slow to respond to customer requests to replace the pedals. In the past, Peloton has recommended that customers replace bike pedals each year. The current recall impacts customers who are still using the original PR70P pedals on their bikes. These pedals are already out of warranty. Many have waited months to receive replacement pedals. Additionally, there are limited in-home repair services because of the pandemic, leaving customers attempting to fix their bikes on their own.

How Peloton Owners Can Stay Safe

To prevent injury, Peloton has warned customers affected by the recall to stop using their bikes until they replace the pedals. Bike owners can choose to wait for the free replacement pedals or replace the pedals at their own expense, which would cost about $60. Peloton has offered to assist customers over the phone with repairing bikes.

What If an Injury Occurs?

There have been no personal injury lawsuits filed against Peloton yet. However, if injury claims are filed, the company could be subject to product liability claims. Plaintiffs and injury attorneys would need to prove that the pedals on Peloton’s bikes were defectively manufactured or designed.

Peloton owners do need to be aware that the company may partially shift blame for injuries onto customers for not replacing the pedals. A recent statement to CNBC from the company stated, “This recall only affects members who still have their out-of-warranty original pedals on the affected bikes sold in the specific time period.”

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