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Posted On June 14, 2021

Is Your Loved One’s Nursing Home a Good Fit?

Sociability, patient safety, timeliness, and staff ratio, and training are the main factors a person should consider when determining whether a nursing home is a good fit for his or her loved one. A facility that focuses on the health and safety of residents can significantly improve the seniors’ quality of life.

Factors to Consider When Measuring Nursing Home Quality


A quality nursing home should commit itself to providing the highest level of care to residents. It should ensure residents have access to sports and other fun-filled activities. Residents shouldn’t be confined to their rooms all the time. Instead, they should spend quality time outdoors participating in activites and socializing with other residents. Nursing facilities can build the healthiest possible environment for their residents by investing in amenities and programs that promote sociability.

Sufficient Patient Safety

Adequate care and the right safety measures in a nursing facility keep injuries, infections, and illness at bay. Immobile residents should be monitored constantly, their position adjusted regularly, and bedding and clothes changed frequently. Failure to do so can increase the risk of residents developing bedsores.

A person whose family member has developed bedsores and consequently suffered an injury can file a nursing home neglect lawsuit against the facility with the help of a nursing home abuse lawyer. With legal support, the person can demonstrate that the bedsores were caused by nursing staff’s inattention or poor medical care at the center where the loved one resides.

Besides bedsores, nursing home staff members should take the necessary safety measures to avoid common infections and illnesses, including urinary tract infections (UTIs), pneumonia, and diarrheal illnesses. Although infections and injuries are at times unavoidable, repeated issues indicate an inattentive nursing staff and a lack of an effective care plan.  


A quality nursing home should respond to urgent situations promptly. Its staff members should attend to patient calls within the shortest time possible even when the facility is at full capacity and several patients have critical medical needs. They should then assess the needs to identify those that require immediate attention and those that can wait.

Staff Ratios and Training

For a nursing home to run efficiently, it must have the right number of adequately trained professionals. These professionals include caregivers, registered nurses, assistants, therapists, and doctors. A one-to-five ratio of nursing home staff to residents can result in many positive outcomes.  

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