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Posted On January 16, 2020

What to Do if You’re Injured in a Las Vegas Car Crash

When victims are injured in a Las Vegas car crash, taking certain steps can help ensure they recover sufficient financial compensation to cover medical bills, lost wages, damaged property, and pain and suffering. By gathering evidence, seeking medical attention, avoiding social media, refraining from discussing the crash with the other party, and letting their Las Vegas car accident lawyer handle negotiations, accident victims stand a better chance of obtaining full financial recovery.

Steps to Take After a Car Accident

1. Avoiding “I’m Sorry”

Apologizing to the other driver, law enforcement, or insurance company representatives can be considered an omission of guilt. The other driver’s car accident attorney or insurance company can use this information as evidence later.

2. Taking Photographs/Video

Collecting photos and video recordings of the accident site before leaving the scene can help prove how the crash occurred and how much damage was done. Similarly, it’s important to gather eyewitness contact information, statements, and the contact information of the other driver. 

3. Requesting a Copy of the Police Report

The report can establish critical details about the crash. Getting the report number before the investigating officer(s) leave the scene will make it easier for a car accident lawyer to retrieve the report.

4. Seek Medical Attention

Even when individuals don’t experience symptoms, they may be seriously injured. Adrenaline released into the bloodstream in the moments following a crash can mask injuries such as torn ligaments and muscles, whiplash, and brain injuries. Seeking medical treatment establishes the points of impact and identifies the injuries suffered such as concussions, lacerations, broken bones, etc. Moreover, seeking medical treatment early can help shorten the recovery period and improve the individual’s prognosis.  

5. Avoiding Social Media

Anything posted about the accident on social media can be used as evidence if the case goes to trial. This includes details of the crash, the injuries victims have suffered, the emotions they feel, etc. This information is better left for private conversations with injury lawyers and medical professionals.

6. Seeking Legal Counsel

Signing anything or agreeing to settlements prior to speaking with a personal injury attorney can jeopardize the outcome of the case. Individuals are not required to speak to their insurance representative, the other person’s insurance representative, or law enforcement without a lawyer present.

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