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Posted On October 06, 2021

Are Amazon Delivery Drivers Getting High?

Amazon is asking its delivery partners – small companies that manage its blue delivery vans – to stop testing prospective drivers for marijuana use. The e-commerce powerhouse is advising these companies to state in their job adverts that they don’t test applicants for marijuana. This policy is an attempt by Amazon to curb a nationwide labor shortage.

In a message to its delivery partners, Amazon claims that a wide-scale adoption of this policy could enhance the number of applicants by up to 400%. The company doesn’t disclose how it calculated this statistic. Amazon further claims that testing for cannabis cuts the potential employee pool by at least 30%.

Mixed Reactions from Delivery Partners

Some delivery companies have adhered to the advisory. They claim that marijuana use kept many would-be drivers from applying, and those that did apply failed drug tests. Since dropping marijuana screening, these companies have hired more delivery drivers.

Companies opting not to test potential drivers for cannabis are still testing for other drugs, such as amphetamines and opiates. So far, marijuana is legal for both medical or recreational purposes in 19 states.

Other delivery companies have given Amazon’s advice a wide berth. They have decided to continue testing prospective drivers, citing insurance and liability consequences in states that still criminalize marijuana. They worry that stopping marijuana screening could increase the incidences of drivers getting high before going to work.

Marijuana Legalization Advocacy

Amazon’s advice to curb its delivery driver shortfall is in line with its other internal policies regarding marijuana. The e-commerce giant is currently supporting a bill to decriminalize marijuana throughout the U.S.

In June 2021, Amazon announced that it had stopped screening workers for cannabis, excluding the Department of Transportation-regulated jobs. The company’s spokesperson said that marijuana screening has taken a huge toll on minority communities and hampered job growth.

The spokesperson added that the company prohibits working while impaired. She stated that the company will handle employees’ marijuana use the same way it handles alcohol use. She further said that a delivery driver that is intoxicated at work and fails a drug test post-accident or because of reasonable suspicion would no longer be allowed to work for Amazon.

An Array of Hiring Incentives

The move is part of Amazon’s strategy to pivot and flourish in the post-pandemic employment market. Employers across the nation have realized that employment bonuses alone no longer cut it for potential employees. They are dangling various recruiting incentives, including wage increases, college sponsorships, and even freebies.

Strategy Meetings

Delivery companies are already holding meetings to come up with ideas to survive and thrive in the tight post-COVID-19 employment market. One meeting held in Las Vegas last month brought together 100 delivery business owners. The top agenda for these business owners was handling the employment of more delivery drivers to take advantage of the forthcoming busy holiday shopping season.

Available Options after an Accident with an Impaired Amazon Delivery Driver

A victim has multiple options after getting in an accident with an Amazon delivery driver. First, minor fender benders may not lead to any physical injuries. In such situations, an auto accident attorney can help the victim negotiate a settlement with the liable party without involving any insurance companies. Second, even minor collisions may result in temporary or long-term injuries. In these cases, the victim may sue the liable party or file an insurance claim with the liable party’s insurance carrier.

Who is Liable in an Accident with an Amazon Delivery Driver?

Several parties may be legally and financially liable after a crash with an Amazon delivery driver. Possible liable parties include the individual driver, delivery company, and Amazon itself. An auto accident attorney can review all the available evidence and prove beyond reasonable doubt who was responsible for the car accident and who should pay for the damages.

Lodging an Insurance Claim with Amazon Following a Crash

Getting Legal Support

Amazon often denies responsibility in car crashes that involve its delivery drivers. The company has unlimited resources that help it reduce the amount of compensation the victim can recover from the insurance carrier. By working with an auto accident attorney, the victim can have a better chance at recovering full and reasonable compensation.

Initiating the Claim

After gathering enough evidence at the scene and seeking treatment, the victim should file a claim with the insurance carrier named on the accident report. The victim should avoid revealing too much information regarding the crash. Insurance adjusters use the words of accident victims to reduce their recovery.

Notifying the Victim’s Insurance Company

The accident victim should make sure his or her insurance company is aware of the crash if the other driver was not insured. That way, the victim can cover his or her damages by making an uninsured or underinsured motorist claim.

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