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POSTED ON July 08, 2021
Nursing Homes Face Further Staffing Shortages with COVID Variants on the Horizon
The United States is currently experiencing a certified nursing assistant shortfall of approximately 200,000. The rising ...
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POSTED ON March 30, 2020
Patriot Law Firm-Personal Injury Attorney in Nevada, Arizona & California
Hurt by a jerk? Better call Burk! Personal Injury attorney in Nevada, Arizona and California. View video below Chris:Hur ...
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POSTED ON March 18, 2020
The Patriot Law Firm discusses violence at sporting events
Christopher Burk, personal injury lawyer, discusses violence during sporting events and how to avoid a lawsuit if you fi ...
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POSTED ON February 11, 2020
Patriot Law firm Sponsors
The Pledge of Allegiance each month for Channel 8 News Christopher Burk dreamed of a different kind of law firm. ...
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POSTED ON January 08, 2020
Hurt By A Jerk? Better Call Burk! radio spot
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