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POSTED ON September 14, 2020
Trust Chris Burk for Your Personal Injury Case
In this new 30-second radio commercial Christopher Burk of the Patriot Law Firm talks about how important trust is in ...
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POSTED ON September 07, 2020
What Makes an Injury Catastrophic?
A catastrophic injury is one that leaves its victim with permanent disability or disfigurement that prevents them from p ...
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POSTED ON June 24, 2020
Child Brain Injuries Are Different From Adults
Young children are most at risk for permanent learning difficulties from traumatic brain injuries. These problems may no ...
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POSTED ON April 16, 2020
Trampoline Park and Playground Injuries with Attorney Chris Burk.
Attorney Chris Burk of The Patriot Law Firm discusses trampoline park and playground injuries and what parents can do to ...
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POSTED ON April 08, 2020
Just How Dangerous are Las Vegas Intersections?
Almost all crashes that happen in Las Vegas’ most dangerous intersections are preventable. Drivers need to make safer ...
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POSTED ON March 16, 2020
Injury Lawsuits Surface: Was Your WiFi Camera Hacked?
Security camera manufacturers need to do more to prevent customers from falling victim to hackers. People rely on WiFi c ...
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POSTED ON March 10, 2020
Deadly LA and Las Vegas Apartment Fires Reveal Landlord Negligence
Recent investigations of deadly apartment fires in Los Angeles and Las Vegas have revealed landlord negligence. When a l ...
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POSTED ON February 17, 2020
Assumption of Risk: When a Hockey Player Is Injured
It is well known that players assume some risk when they play the game, but that doesn’t mean that they ...
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POSTED ON January 09, 2020
Were You Injured by a Corporation in Nevada?
Corporations can be held liable when their negligence causes injuries or deaths. Injury attorneys often help people file ...
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POSTED ON January 05, 2020
Profits over Patients: Johnson & Johnson in the Spotlight
Johnson & Johnson is a household name whose management and business practices put profits ahead of patient safety. T ...
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