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Posted On October 20, 2021

Will Black Friday See a Rise in Car Accidents?

The risk of car accidents on Black Fridays is usually higher than normal, and this year could very well be no exception. Sales for this day are expected to be 20% higher than other days, translating into more cars out on the road during rush hour. More traffic means there’s also an increased chance that distracted or impaired drivers will collide with others as they try to make their way through crowded streets, as well as find parking spots.

Other factors likely to contribute to this year’s Black Friday car accidents are speeding, inattention or distraction behind the wheel, drunk driving or drug impairment, and aggressive driving. Many drivers think that there’s no one on the road when they’re traveling on thanksgiving. As a result, they do things like tailgating, running red lights, and driving carelessly. Some forget how long it takes to stop when conditions are less than optimal. 

Staying Safe While Driving on Black Friday

The best way to avoid the potential hazards of Black Friday driving is to not get behind the wheel. If someone must travel by car during this time of the year, however, he or she should take some precautions to avoid getting into an accident. These include not taking caffeine and inhalants while driving because these substances increase drowsiness and can impact someone’s coordination. Other precautions include allowing plenty of space when following other drivers and ensuring that the car is in proper condition.

If someone appears to be driving erratically, a driver should avoid tailgating. Instead, he or she should adjust speed accordingly and let the other driver pass if possible. Those traveling by car with children can avoid accidents by ensuring that they are properly restrained in the appropriate restraint system. For drivers, a key part of safe driving is to avoid distractions. This includes putting the phone away and not eating or drinking while driving.

The Course of Action After an Accident on Black Friday

Those involved in an accident on Black Friday should call the police to report it. Taking photos of the scene may be helpful, especially if there’s some doubt about who was at fault. Those injured in a car accident should seek medical attention immediately. A Las Vegas auto accident attorney knows the evidence required to prove fault in an accident and can help injured victims recover maximum damages from the at-fault party or entity.

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