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POSTED ON March 30, 2020
Patriot Law Firm-Personal Injury Attorney in Nevada, Arizona & California
Hurt by a jerk? Better call Burk! Personal Injury attorney in Nevada, Arizona and California. View video below Chris:Hur ...
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POSTED ON March 26, 2020
Nursing home negligence in Las Vegas. What is happening to Grandma?
Attorney Christopher Burk discusses current legal events that are affecting the Las Vegas valley elders, which include n ...
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POSTED ON March 23, 2020
Sideswipe Car Accidents Can Be Deadly
According to data collected by the Insurance Information Institute, 961 fatal accidents attributed to sideswipe collisio ...
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POSTED ON March 18, 2020
The Patriot Law Firm discusses violence at sporting events
Christopher Burk, personal injury lawyer, discusses violence during sporting events and how to avoid a lawsuit if you fi ...
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POSTED ON March 16, 2020
Injury Lawsuits Surface: Was Your WiFi Camera Hacked?
Security camera manufacturers need to do more to prevent customers from falling victim to hackers. People rely on WiFi c ...
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POSTED ON March 10, 2020
Deadly LA and Las Vegas Apartment Fires Reveal Landlord Negligence
Recent investigations of deadly apartment fires in Los Angeles and Las Vegas have revealed landlord negligence. When a l ...
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