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POSTED ON February 24, 2020
Wet Floor Signs: The Casino May Still Be Liable
Wet floor signs warn guests, employees, and others of potential danger, but they may not shield property owners from pre ...
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POSTED ON February 17, 2020
Assumption of Risk: When a Hockey Player Is Injured
It is well known that players assume some risk when they play the game, but that doesn’t mean that they ...
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POSTED ON February 11, 2020
Patriot Law firm Sponsors
The Pledge of Allegiance each month for Channel 8 News Christopher Burk dreamed of a different kind of law firm. ...
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POSTED ON February 10, 2020
The Impact of Emotional Abuse on Nursing Home Residents
Emotional abuse in nursing homes can cause chronic health problems and shorten the lifespan of residents. Unlike physica ...
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