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POSTED ON July 08, 2021
Nursing Homes Face Further Staffing Shortages with COVID Variants on the Horizon
The United States is currently experiencing a certified nursing assistant shortfall of approximately 200,000. The rising ...
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POSTED ON July 05, 2021
Biden Seeks to Expand Caretaking Services for Aging Americans
President Biden seeks to heavily invest in home care for older adults and persons with disabilities. This plan comes in ...
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POSTED ON June 21, 2021
When Nursing Homes Violate Advance Care Directives
Violation of advance care directives by nursing homes may result in reduced trust between the residents and caregivers. ...
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POSTED ON June 14, 2021
Is Your Loved One’s Nursing Home a Good Fit?
Sociability, patient safety, timeliness, and staff ratio, and training are the main factors a person should consider whe ...
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POSTED ON June 07, 2021
Deadly Hit and Run Accident Are on the Rise in Vegas
The number of fatal hit-and-run accidents is on a sharp rise in Las Vegas. In fact, these accidents are 450% ...
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POSTED ON May 20, 2021
Injured in a Stairwell Accident?
Las Vegas property owners can be held liable for stairwell accidents that cause injuries or deaths if their negligence c ...
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POSTED ON May 20, 2021
How to Document Suspected Nursing Home Abuse
Documenting suspected nursing home abuse by maintaining a detailed log of any incidents, gathering witness information, ...
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POSTED ON May 07, 2021
Was Your Child Injured at Daycare?
Parents may be able to recover compensation for their child’s injuries that occurred at a daycare facility. They may b ...
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POSTED ON April 21, 2021
Nursing Home Staffing Shortages Are Crippling
Nursing homes in the U.S. reported the highest staffing shortages between May and December 2020. This development caused ...
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POSTED ON April 14, 2021
Private Equity Ownership Wreaks Havoc in Nursing Homes
Private equity (PE) ownership harms nursing homes in many ways, such as the high risk of fatality for short-term Medicar ...
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